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October 4, 2016

The gaming industry is one of the largest in the world. Gaming translations make new markets for games open up to you. Targeting an international audience is a great way to grow your company.

We’re not only translation agency. We are here to help you grow your gaming business.

YLT Translations offers professional mobile and video gaming translation services for all video and mobile game oriented companies.

We’ve helped hundreds of game and app developers reach internet markets and grow their gaming businesses. Let us help you too.

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Gaming translations to and from English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and German

Are you an international console game creator and want to make your games accessible worldwide? We can help you launch your gaming products in countries which do not speak your language.

Our native speaking game translators, who are experts in the gaming niche, can help you grow your business by reaching global markets and players around the world. We offer everything – from translators with gaming knowledge, to content translations and proofreading in English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and German.

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Why is quality game translation crucial for business?

Game translation, or the content, is a big part of a gaming experience. Not only is it crucial that all the instructions, notifications and game elements are translated correctly, but there can also be legal problems with bad translations. Besides that, it’s important for your players and clients to feel that you’re a trustworthy business. Spelling and grammar errors don’t exactly scream seriousness.

With the help of our game translation services, you can now reach the global gaming community.

Game localization can help bring your games beyond borders

Mobile and video game localization is an effective way to promote your game in a foreign country and reach more gamers. We want to help you spread your amazing games around the world! Contact us today and get the best professional gaming translations at the best possible rates.

We are a professional translation services company. YLT Translations provides a range of technical, document and website translations. Check also our translation services for businesses and individual clients.

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