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September 25, 2016

Learn Languages Online with YLT Translations

Our Skype language lessons allow you to learn a new language online and have classes with an experienced teacher no matter where you are in the world. All YLT Translation language teachers are native speakers with many years of experience in teaching. We trust our beliefs that the most efficient way to learn a new language is to speak it with teachers. You can be assured that all our online language courses will be adapted to your particular personal or professional goal and 100 % relevant to your language objectives. And the most important, with our services you will get an opportunity to schedule or cancel your online language course at your convenience.

We are offering online language classes in the following languages: English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic.

Check our FAQ for more information below:

What program do we use?

We use Skype to teach our students, and even though many of them have never tried online learning, they get used to it very quickly.

I am not good with computers and I have never used Skype before. Will I be able to manage my online language lessons?

No fear! One of our oldest students is an 81-year old lady, and she manages without any problems.

How would you get the material?

We have books, series, movies, various materials, exam and test examples and of course homework, so you don’t need to buy anything extra.

Who corrects my homework?

A real teacher! Send your homework as soon as you can, and receive the corrections before your next Skype language lesson. This is done absolutely free.

Will I be able to pass an exam?

Absolutely! We prepare our students for all exam levels from Norskprøve to Bergenstest. The length of the exam preparation varies from student to student, but we can give you an approximate length of your preparation after the first couple of lessons.

Will I pass my job interview?

This is something which is really individual, but we have sets of questions prepared for various job positions, and we can guarantee that you will get the best preparation and job vocabulary possible!

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What methods do we use?

Our methods are well proven, and we offer different ways of learning a language – exclusive use of the target language (e.g. only Norwegian language in lessons), different games, newspaper articles, and most important of all, we always try to motivate students and keep them interested in the language. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be boring and uninteresting.

Do we make different programs for different students?

Absolutely! We tailor our online language courses according to the students’ needs: standard book courses (A1-C2), preparation for exams, job interviews, and conversational courses.

The holiday season is ahead of us and maybe you want to have a family chit-chat over a Christmas dinner or you are traveling to Norway to meet up with your family, friends or business partners for business lunch and you are not quite sure what to say?

When will I be able to speak the language if I am a total beginner?

If you a total beginner, it usually takes about 2 months. But it also depends on the student. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes less. Don’t be fooled by methods which promise you speaking in 10 days, this is not real. Language needs live practice and tutoring. Students need live talk and not only grammar and self-learn lessons.

How much do lessons cost?

An individual lesson – (60 minutes long) costs 35 USD.

We offer a different kind of online course packages. Find out more about online language course prices!

Try out our teachers and get a 30-minute trial online language lesson for free! Book it here NOW!  

Any other questions? Contact us or chat with us online!

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What do students say about our online language classes lessons and teachers?

Check out testimonials from our students below!

“Yannah is an excellent language tutor! She’s very easy to talk to, and strikes the perfect balance between correcting my mistakes and helping me feel confident about my language learning!”  – Ben Shaw, Software Engineer – San Francisco, USA

“Jana is an extremely competent and energetic woman who adds a technology and creativity easily to her lesson plans, she deals well particularly with the organization and presentation of lessons. As her Norwegian student, I have been seen that Jana is a hardworking and conscientious teacher always putting her best effort during class activities. If you want to learn to speak Norwegian, you can definitely do it with her! “  – Eliane Ferreira, Mechanical Engineer  – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

“Jana is an amazing and very qualified norwegian teacher. She is very patient, has and is adaptable to her students’ needs and context. The classes are very interesting. I made lots of progress within a short time. She is also very present and helpful. Anyone who wants to learn to speak, read and write norwegian should take her classes. I have been a bit skeptical about learning Norwegian online, but it is actually the same as in person” Nayla Naoufal, Researcher, journalist and education designer in peace and environmental education – Montreal, Canada

“Jana is a great teacher. I experienced it first-hand and I enjoyed my lessons with her. She knows how to shift between lesson pace teaching styles to keep a student engaged. She knows when to keep it short and simple for beginners in Norwegian language course and when to go into more detail if need be. Her way of explaining things is straightforward and relaxed, so the student does not get confused. As a fellow translator I also appreciate Jana’s thorough knowledge of what is means to deliver great results for customers in the language services industry. She is living proof that friendliness professionalism are not mutually exclusive. “ – Maxime Galopin French translator and language services provider at JANUS SARL https://about.me/mgalopin – France

“Jana er en veldig god lærer som jeg anbefaler til alle !!! Å lære et nytt språk er aldri lett og ofte er man litt sjenert. Jana er veldig snill, tålmodig og pedagog. Vi arbeider alle sammen alt som er viktig for læringen : vokabular, grammatikk, lesing, forståelse, samtale, skriving med interessante tekster. Jeg har lært norsk og blitt flytende takket være min kjære norske lærer. Dette er en god måte å lære om kulturen også. Kom alle til Jana og å lære med henne!!! :-)”  –  Xavier Fourny, Music teacher, Champagne, France

“Jana helped me become more comfortable and confident speaking Norwegian than I ever thought possible. In the course of our lessons and conversations, Jana brought me from a very rough beginner to being able to express myself clearly on a variety of topics. We had many intensive lessons in the run up to my ‘family roots’ trip to Norway. These conversations gave me the language skills to interact with locals and my family in a deeper more meaningful way than I could have hoped for. Jana’s attentive ear picks up on the mistakes and grammatical errors common to anyone learning Norwegian, and she gives consistent corrections without making me feel like an idiot. Most of all, Jana is fun to talk to, which makes reading a challenging and dry news article or talking about very simple topics an enjoyable experience that I always look forward to. I plan being a client of Jana’s for a long time as I still have much to learn. Tusen Takk!” – Zac Hunter, Administrator/Executive Assistant at Walker & Moody AIA – San Francisco, USA

“Yannah has been my private Norwegian tutor since March 2014. We have regular weekly 1 hour lessons via Skype.

We started with Text book learning in my early stages, she has progressed me from taking about 10 minutes to say one sentence to me happily chatting away in Norwegian. She is very strict with talking properly and using the correct grammar which has been excellent for helping me to talk and write properly. She has many different teaching styles which remain varied. I have read books, watched Norwegian TV series, read and discussed Newspaper articles, written essays and Yannah even takes the trouble to make quizzes for me in topics I am interested in. Overall I am pleased in my own progress which was to understand Norwegian, read Norwegian books and talk to native speakers when I visit which is fairly regular. My confidence and length of time I have been learning with Yannah is testament of her Norwegian language skills.” – Donna Knight,CRM Manager – Newbury, UK

Jana has been a great teacher for me in Norwegian. She really gave  got me addicted  for learning that language. Her lessons were always challenging, friendly and fun. She is very creative and very clear in her teaching.  It s shortcut to progress and I could learn Norwegian very fast because it was so interesting. I was looking forward  each time for the next lesson. – Anne-Marie Laugier, Web  Internal communication officer – Nice, France