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September 25, 2016

Danish is mainly spoken in Denmark, which according to a lot of studies is the happiest place on Earth. There are a lot of Danish words resembling English ones, such as “farvel” – which means “farewell”, “dør” – which means “door,” and many more.

YLT Translations provides reliable and high-quality Danish translation services, technical, marketing, medical and website translations and localization to and from Danish language.

If you are interested in any type of translation to or from Danish, let us know and get a free quote!

Professional Danish Translation Services: English to Danish and Danish to English

YLT Translations provides Danish to English translation services and English to Danish translation services and our professional Danish translators has expertise in the following fields:

  • Danish Business translations
  • Danish Website translations
  • Danish Medical translations
  • Danish Gaming translations
  • Danish Technical translations
  • Danish Marketing translations
  • Danish video subtitling and media translations
  • Danish SEO translations

We offer a wide range of Danish translations services in the following language pairs: Danish to English (US) and English (US) to Danish:

  • Danish video translation & transcription
  • Danish subtitling
  • Translation of Danish documents
  • Microsoft office document translation etc.

Danish Language Translation and Localization Services

There are only six million people in the world who speak Danish, and we have only hired native speakers and professionals with BAs, MAs, and PHDs in Danish translations. We offer the best quality in the shortest amount of time. Our high-quality team of Danish translators and proofreaders provide fast, correct and reliable Danish language and translation services. We always have one Danish translator and two Danish proofreaders working on one project, and we never let mistakes happen.

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Our Most Commonly Used Language Translations

Contact us today for a free quote on any other language translation. Our language translation services include:

  • Danish translation services
  • English translation services
  • German translation services
  • Norwegian translation services
  • Icelandic translation services
  • Swedish translation services

Do You Want to Learn Danish Online?

YLT Translations offers experienced and native Danish language teachers to help you learn Danish online! Find out more about “Learn Danish language online” here.

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