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The Problem

You know that you are losing money when you don’t have good keywords in your listings. And you know that you are missing out on potential sales and revenue growth. You know you should get help – but from who?

The Solution

Find somebody who understands Amazon sellers, and who understands how translations can help them. Good optimization and backend keywords are the essentials. We understand sellers, and we understand how the A9 Amazon algorythm works and how it can help you boost your sales. We do it perfectly and on time.

The System – how it all works

Here is our system. The key to our success is having a good organizational system and professionals on our team. We have done it multiple times and now we are completely in the AMZ game, check it out here.

About us

Questions answered

Who are we?
YLT Translations started as a project about six years ago. From the very beginning we have focused only on North Germanic languages. We may offer only this group of languages, but that is why we are able to provide the highest-quality translations in a short time. We have three translators working on a single translation – a translator, a proofreader and a second proofreader. All of our translators are either native speakers or translators with BAs and MAs in Scandinavian and German translations and literature.

Also, if you would like to learn languages, you can try out our professional teachers and get a free 30 minutes trial lesson!

Who are our clients?
We have worked with many different international clients on diverse projects – from fitness blogs to Netflix movies and series, e-books and medical translations from hospitals, and many more!

If I contact you, who am I going to speak with?
You'll speak with me – Jana K., a founder of YLT Translations, I am at your service, always ready to present our services.

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